Have you ever thought about this?
What do you want to be?
When I was a child.
I had a lot of dreams
Every dream had a special reason.

When I was 5.
I wanted to be a mail carrier.
Because I liked to ride a motorcycle to go around.

When I was 8.
I wanted to be doctor.
Because I wanted to take care of every patient.
Even once I told my mother.
The patient doesn't have to pay me unless he was healed.

When I was 13.
I wanted to be a boss for a DVD shop.
Therefore I can watch a lot of movies for free.
What a wonderful occupation.

When I was 18.
I wanted to be computer engineer.
Because I was major in computer seience in college.
Actually, I wanted to be a hack.
I really have been thinking about this cool skill.
Even now, this dream is still in my heart.

Now I am 25.
I'm a teacher.
I teach elementary shcool student English now.
Although my English is not good enough,
but I have been learning English so hard.
I hope one day.
I can talk to foreighner with fluent English
or translate for other people.
And help all of my students like to speak English.
If this dream come true.
I will be very very happy.

by Jeffrey


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